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Youth-boosting wonder that instantly restores radiance & tones your skin.

We value every client and provide effective market research on a daily basis.

For the ultimate in relaxation and pain relief, try our hot and smooth stones.


Each session Costs GH¢500,
A session lasts 1hr 30 Minutes

GH¢500/90 Minutes

Each session Costs (GH¢500,
A session is 1hr 30 Minutes


Each Session Costs GH¢1000
A Session lasts for 2Hrs

GH¢1200 (2Hrs)

Each session Costs GH¢1200,
A Session lasts 2Hrs


Each Session Costs GH¢1000,
A session lasts for 2Hrs

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Each Session Costs GH¢1600
A session lasts for 2Hrs

Starts from $100 / $145


60 min $100 / 90 min $145

60 min $150/ 90 min $255

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