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Nuru Massage

What Is Nuru Massage?

The most erotic of all Japanese massages is called the ‘Nuru’ massage. Although the origins of this historical art are extremely cloudy, but as you can read above it roots originate in Japan. It is regularly defined as the massage with the most intimate or erotic techniques. This Asian massage form is performed by Geishas to give relaxation and happiness after a hard day at work so you can recharge your batteries for future tasks.

The traditional Nuru massage got its name from this gel. It is a body to body massage in which two naked bodies glide over one another almost weightlessly thanks to the extremely slippery Nuru gel.

Until these days it has only been available in Eastern countries. Now it is beginning to get more recognized into the Western world.

How is a Nuru Massage Given?

It’s advisable to take a shower before undergoing this treatment. The best is to place yourself on your back. After the masseur or masseuse will drip hot and slippery oils over your body. To prevent the participants’ bodies from over cooling during use, the massage is often carried out in specially heated rooms such as a steam bath, or the gel is first heated to a suitable temperature.

Nuru oils are high quality massage gels used in professional studios. They leave no residues – that means no stains on textiles, no oily hair, no sticky skin. Nuru massage gel is clear and pure as water. Nuru gels contain no oil, so they are easy to wash off. It gives the skin a smooth glow. The gel is refreshing as well. The original gel is made from marine plants and is healthy for the skin thanks to its natural minerals. In addition, camomile is often added as well

A Nuru Massage is More Than Just Sex

This type of massage is erotic and mostly your bodies will glide against each other. The masseur or masseuses will glide over your nipples and your genitals will be the following. You will slowly come to an orgasm or climax. This whole massage becomes an erotic game that is much more intimate and passionate than casual sex.

I hope that my answer covered the most basic elements of the Nuru massage. If you are interested in massages in general or other massage techniques it might be a good idea to have a look at my profile page or personal blog as well.

See a perfect Example of Nuru Massage below:


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